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Are you overwhelmed by the complexities of Genomics, and underwhelmed by the results?

Do you have years of expertise and experience, yet still think you could do more for your patients while building a more successful practice for yourself?

Do you pride yourself on being on the cutting edge of medicine, but still struggle to stand out in your field?

With the successful integration of Genomic Medicine into your practice, you can become an unquestioned leader in an emerging medical frontier.


And we can help you get there.

Genomic Medicine is here to stay. But clinical expertise is not a guarantee of success. That’s where we come in.

Grounded in our years of experience as leaders in the field, we have developed a model for integrating Genomics into your practice without slowing you down in the process.

Providing the tools, resources, education and clinical support you need to become an expert in the growing field of Genomic Medicine, we help you deliver consistent results for your patients while ensuring that your practice is built to last – and thrive!

If you are an innovative clinician wanting to be and do more, let’s talk. Share your practice frustrations and successes, and learn how we can help you achieve your goals. No cost, no obligation.

Mapping the road to better health … and so much more

Incorporating Genomics into your practice can be overwhelmingly complex. Our GENESIS Matrix® is the solution.

No more guesswork, no more time chasing dead ends. With our practical guidance and robust foundational support, you can enjoy better clinical results, happy and healthy patients, and a profitable business that’s a force for good in the world.

Who We Are

Our mission is to share our wisdom and expertise gained from decades of experience, and thousands of patients, to provide you with all the tools, resources,  and support you need to create a successful Genomic Medicine practice. 

Genomic Medicine has been a passion for us for almost two decades. We have seen firsthand the benefits for both us and our patients. Today, we don’t work without a personalized DNA blueprint. 

But DNA is just the beginning. You also need a clinical model that brings together mind, body and spirit. Our GENESIS Matrix® has been proven to both improve health outcomes and reduce healthcare expenses.

To make a meaningful impact on your patients, and the world, you need the financial resources to propel you forward. We know firsthand that being an expert clinician doesn’t always translate to a thriving practice and financial success. And this disconnect can keep clinicians stuck in an old paradigm.

That’s why we’re here: to help you create a new paradigm so that both you and your patients truly thrive.

I’m Dr. Roberta Kline, and I’ve been running successful practices for more than two decades. Practicing first in the Air Force, I ran an ObGyn division there before heading up a private practice group generating multi-million dollar revenues.

Growing frustrated with my inability to answer so many of the “why” and “how” questions of my patients, I sought out new tools and models.  Genomic Medicine provided the answers I was searching for. 

I transformed my own practice – and my life. Along the way I also had to learn a new way of practicing the business of medicine. I have spent much of the last decade teaching other clinicians how to use Genomic Medicine to create practices that enable them to thrive and provide the best care for their patients.

I’m Dr. Joe Veltmann, and I’ve been researching, teaching and practicing nutrition for decades. Working with patients all over the world, my innovative model of health, the GENESIS Matrix® , provided the framework for integrating key variables of health.

When genomic testing first became available in 2001, I was excited to have this new tool to guide me in creating health road maps that were truly personalized.

Having demonstrated both improved health outcomes AND significant cost savings using my GENESIS Matrix model, I knew I needed to share this with other innovative clinicians seeking better answers.

But genomics is complex, confusing, and often overwhelming. Helping other clinicians experience the true power of Genomic Medicine by shortening the steep learning curve has become my life’s mission.

Membership Benefits

Healthcare today demands a personalized approach. Our Genomic Medicine Memberships give you everything you need, all in one place –  a trusted partner for comprehensive clinical genomic testing and up-to-date clinical genomic information, a community of  Genomic Medicine clinicians, hands-on help to solve complex and complicated health conditions, and coaching and support for business success.

A successful Genomic Medicine practice requires key elements for achieving optimal health outcomes for your patients, and financial rewards for you. These include:

Comprehensive, clinical genomic testing

CME-accredited Genomic Medicine certification 

A proven clinical model

Practice-building strategies

Clinical support from experienced clinicians

Ongoing education with CME and CPE credits

We help you create a thriving Genomic Medicine practice by giving you all the tools, resources and support you need. Your happy, healthy patients do the rest.

Get All of This And More

Clinical Genomic Testing

Our comprehensive genomic testing is designed specifically by clinicians for clinicians – clinically relevant, scientifically validated, systems-based, and actionable. 

We have Nutritional Genomic reports that are ethnic and gender-specific, with clinical interpretation and specific action steps across more than 17 major biological systems.

Our Pharmacogenomic reports provide guidance on more than 240 medications covering more than 13 metabolic systems.

Learn more about Genomic Testing.

Genomic Medicine Certification

Our CME accredited certification course provides a solid foundation for both now and the future because we go far beyond the gene SNPs.

We provide the science, genomics, clinical model and clinical applications, along with practice-building strategies and Group Coaching for an all-inclusive experience.

Once you are a Certified Genomic Medicine Clinician®, you become a leader in this field in this field, creating confidence with patients and generating referrals from colleagues.

Learn more about Certification.

A Proven Clinical Model

We all face information overload, which gets in the way of harnessing the true power of genomics. The solution: GENESIS Matrix®.

Our whole-person clinical model provides a framework for integrating genomic test results, lab testing, clinical history, along with key elements of health.

The GENESIS Matrix® prioritizes health issues and the most appropriate interventions to provide exceptional care for your patients. Go far beyond the genes to uncover and optimize the health of the whole person – for life.

Learn more about the GENESIS Matrix®.

Practice-Building Strategies


You want to make a difference in the lives of your patients. To do that, you need a sustainable business where both you and your patients thrive.

But providing excellent care with Genomic Medicine doesn’t guarantee practice success. 

We help you create a successful Genomic Medicine practice that is personalized to you, based on our many years of running clinical practices large and small, brick-and-mortar and virtual, private and corporate. 

Clinical Support


While Genomic Medicine is exciting, it can be a lonely place when you are ahead of the curve. 

We provide a Genomic Medicine community, where you’ll join other innovative clinicians –  bringing experience and clinical expertise to help each other thrive.

Our experts guide you and support you with group coaching and one-on-one consulting as you implement and grow your Genomic Medicine practice. 

Ongoing Education


Genomic Medicine is rapidly growing and evolving. We believe your learning doesn’t end with Certification.

Our ongoing CME and CPE accredited webinars provide continuing education, updates, and resources to help you stay current.

You’ll also have access to new courses and workshops that explore in depth new and exciting aspects of Genomic Medicine.

Clinician Testimonials

It is so rewarding to be able to help people, especially when past methods have not worked because genomics was not considered. This has completely changed my practice, and has made all the difference for my patients.

Sonya Angelone RD PhD candidate

This has dramatically changed the direction of my practice. The care is truly individualized, and I am no longer afraid I missed something. It is incredibly empowering for both me and my patients to understand them from the inside out.

Judy Fisher MD

This Genomic Medicine program is unparalleled. Dr. Joe and Dr. Bobbi present the material in a sophisticated way that is both engaging and easy for a clinician to understand. I would highly recommend this invaluable program to all Functional Medicine practitioners.

Jasmine Singh PharmD

I love this program! It is so amazing to understand better how our human body is functioning, the interconnections between biological systems and the impact of gene variants and nutrient deficiency. I have learned so much and will adapt the way I approach my work with my clients.

Ludivine deMenten PhD CHC

My patients love all the information in their reports, and the specific action steps save me time, so I can focus on implementing their care plan.

Ann Rollins APRN

A professional, complex, very well structured and presented functional genomic program. I consider it mandatory for an updated clinical genomic practice.

Cristina Skrypnyk MD PhD

This program should be mandatory for anyone pursuing personalized medicine - it's Genomics demystified. With well-considered scientific evidence and a digestible review of biochemistry, Joe Veltmann and Bobbi Kline carefully provide information aimed to generate practical, client-specific lifestyle and nutritional prescriptions that up- or down-regulate genes and molecular pathways to promote wellness.

Mary Jo Fishburn MD

I have learned more in one year with you than I have in decades of continuing education. You are inspiring teachers and have made this complex material comprehendable and practical. My brain has been stretched and my horizons broadened way beyond what I thought was possible. My own health and my patients health have improved significantly with this approach.

Barbara Barrett RD

It is so hard being a practitioner and not having answers for clients desperately seeking them…and sending them back on the path of trial and error. Practicing genomics not only provides precise recommendations for my clients, but also a clearer path for me.

Melissa Hehmann RD

Genomics gives me a window into previously unknown factors that may have not been considered or just overlooked. As a chiropractor and clinical nutritionist, it changes how I look at a condition and provides more options.

Daniel Prociuk DC CFMP

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