Biochemistry: The Bridge Between Genomics and Nutrition

This online course consists of 2 parts with four 20 to 25-minute sessions. Does even thinking about biochemistry overwhelm you? Here’s a different look at the missing ingredient needed to truly understand genomics. Presented in the context of clinical application, you’ll learn the biochemistry that ties together genomics and functional nutrition. In this course, you’ll …

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Introduction to Nutritional Genomics

This course consists of three 20-35 minute sessions. An introduction to the science behind Nutritional Genomics, with clinical examples of how it can be applied in practice. Recently updated with new information! Part 1: History Of Genetics & Genomics, the Basic Science Behind Genomics, and SNPs Part 2: Omics Revolution; Methylation, Epigenetics, Nutrigenomics & Nutrigenetics; Case History: …

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