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The GENESIS Matrix® Clinical Model

Provides a clinical framework to make sense of all the genomic data using a whole person model, creating more value for you and your patients.

Learning Objectives:

• Introduction to the GENESIS Matrix® clinical model.
• How to Use the GENESIS Matrix® CHQ.
• How to Integrate Genomic Testing with Clinical History and Laboratory Data.
• Includes Cardiovascular Disease, Microbiome, Pharmacogenomics, Stress Response, and More.
• Case Studies.

For this Module, your test is to complete your own CHQ. This replaces the lesson quizzes, and you will find the link in Lesson 6. Your answers will not be reviewed, we will only make sure you have submitted it.

**Please make sure to watch each video to the end – this is necessary for the lesson to be marked complete.**

If you would like to use the CHQ with your own patients, you’ll find more information in the Learning Integration section.

The instructors for this program are Joe Veltmann, PhD FAAIM DCCN and Roberta Kline MD.

By participating in this course, you agree to the following conditions:

All materials provided in this course are protected by copyright, and use of materials for commercial purposes, removal of copyright statements, sharing by copying, electronic transmission, or by any other means without written consent is strictly prohibited. You may use appropriate materials for clinical use with clients and patients.

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