Depression, Anxiety & Addiction

Mental health issues are a silent epidemic. Drug and alcohol addiction afflicts one in ten Americans. Major depressive disorder and anxiety disorder impact 6–7% of the U.S. population. They also account for a top cause of disability and associated workplace costs worldwide.

Emotional health involves complex interactions between an individual’s DNA, biochemistry and the environment. Contributing factors include neurotransmitter imbalances, mood disorders, inflammation, exaggerated stress response, response to trauma, cognitive flexibility, and inadequate sleep.

Our genomic testing provides a personalized guide to strategic prevention and treatment. Read the case study.

Our Ultimate Wellness genomic test evaluates many areas affecting emotional health including:

Depression, Anxiety, Addiction, Emotional Eating, Neuropeptides, Neuroplasticity, Neurotransmitters, Micronutrients, Methylation, Oxidative Stress, Inflammation, Traumatic Brain Injury.

Pharmacogenomic testing can help you guide your patients to the right medications when diet, lifestyle and therapy are not enough.

Learn more about using genomics in your practice to help your patients optimize their mental health in our Genomic Medicine Certification Program.

Genomic testing is available only to clinicians with a Professional Membership. Apply for one here.

Looking for a clinician to help you? Contact us to find a clinician in your area, or visit our Wellness Center.

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