According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, more than 80,000 toxic chemicals have been developed in the last century. And most of them have not been evaluated for their impact on human health.

These toxins in our food and the environment can overwhelm the natural detoxification process. When this happens, disease can result. Conditions including heart disease, cancer, autoimmune disease, behavioral problems, and obesity have been linked to poor detoxification.

Detox diets of all sorts are commonly used to cleanse liver, colon, and other organs, with the goal of improving detoxification for better overall health and well-being. However, each person is unique, and what works for one person may not be the best for another. We all process toxins in different ways based on our genes, requiring individualized strategies for optimal detoxification.

Genomic testing identifies potential weaknesses in an individual’s innate ability to metabolize different toxins, and provides the clinical insights required to formulate effective, personalized interventions.

Our Ultimate Wellness genomic test provides a personalized guide to optimizing detoxification of many substances, including:

Hormones, Heavy Metals, Organic Pollutants, Smoke, and other Toxins.

Pharmacogenomic test evaluated genes involved in detoxification of medications.

Learn more about using genomics in your practice in our Genomic Medicine Certification Program.

Genomic testing is available only to clinicians with a Professional Membership. Apply for one here.

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