January 14 2020

Tonight we’ll answer questions on olive leaf extract, AMPK and metformin.

December 10 2019

Tonight’s session we’ll cover SULT, and the various isoforms and their impact on detoxification related to a question about thallium.

December 3 2019

Tonight we’ll have our makeup session, talking about new research on omega fatty acids, DHA and Alzheimer’s disease.    

November 26 2019

Extra session! We will continue from Nov 12 and finish up the questions and discussions on COMT and CVD, the impact of sex and age; Vitamin K metabolism.

November 19 2019

Tonight we’ll cover a new topic: Nutrigenomics in the context of a complex diet.

November 12 2019

We covered questions related to preeclampsia and overmethylation in this session. Having run out of time with so many great questions, we’ll pick up where we left off with an extra session on November 26.

October 8 2019

In this session, we discuss questions including B12 supplementation, and the role of methylcobalamin, adenosylcobalamin; beta-sitosterol; neurotransmitters and emotional health. Two papers references were added by Daniel: J Neurosci. 1981 Feb;1(2):166-75. Gene for monoamine oxidase type A assigned to the human X chromosome. Pintar JE, Barbosa J, Francke U, Castiglione CM, Hawkins M Jr, Breakefield …

October 8 2019 Read More »

September 17 2019

We had some technical difficulties tonight and did not do the case presentation; start listening at the 16:30 point to hear Joe’s short presentation on some new research involving the role of osteocalcin in stress response. We’ll record the case discussion separately and post next week.

September 10 2019

Case studies and questions include 25OH vs 1,25OH Vitamin D in osteoporosis, melanoma, migraine and hypertension.

August 20 2019

Session cancelled, will be rescheduled for a later date.

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