A New Frontier in Mental Health

Functional genomics is an integral part of personalizing approaches to any health condition, including emotional and mental health.

Genomic SNPs and brain circuitry abnormalities are linked. Instead of lumping conditions into broad categories such as depression, or ADHD, groupings are being redefined based on underlying genomics, brain activity, physiology, behavioral process, and life experiences.

Research can then be oriented toward specific functional disruptions in biological systems such as gut/nutrition, inflammation, environmental factors, and identifying interventions that help restore function. These factors cut across multiple different diagnostic boxes, and enable us to go beneath the surface to evaluate a complex system in a more precise way.

The neural basis of normal and abnormal behavior, syndromes once considered exclusively as mental are being reconsidered as brain disorders, specifically, syndromes of disrupted neural, cognitive, and behavioral systems. Disrupted systems can also include nutritional, biochemical, and hormonal. More effective, personalized interventions are possible when based on a much deeper understanding of each individual’s unique genetic and biochemical makeup.

The Ultimate Wellness genomic test helps to provide insight and personalized nutritional interventions to promote a healthy body and mind.

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