Genomic Medicine is Precision Medicine

Each patient’s unique DNA profile provides detailed insight into the root causes of disease, guiding an individual’s path to optimal health. Genomics is revolutionizing an ever growing number of medical disciplines, leveraging vast amounts of previously unavailable data to improve diagnosis, prevention and treatment strategies tailored to each individual’s unique biochemistry. This is precision medicine.

Some areas at the forefront include:

  • Oncogenomics: Cancer specialists are using the genomics of tumors to better understand how they develop, and identify optimal therapeutic approaches.
  • Pharmacogenomics: By selecting the most appropriate drugs and dosages, physicians are utilizing the information contained in a patient’s DNA to reduce adverse effects and improve efficacy.
  • Nutritional Genomics: Genomics is empowering nutrition professionals to create more effective, personalized diets for the treatment and prevention of chronic diseases.

Additional areas of genomic exploration are still in relatively early stages, but will soon provide even more insights about the complex interactions of genes with internal biochemistry and the environment:

  • Microbiomics: Bacteria that live in our gut are important for many aspects of health, including nutrition and the processing of medications. Testing is currently available, although specific assessments and interventions are still rudimentary, and in need of additional refinement.
  • Epigenetics: The biological mechanisms that turn certain genes on and off can help us adapt quickly to changes in our food or environment. Some changes may be helpful, while others are problematic. Epigenetic testing is available at the research level only, with much to learn about specific consequences and directed interventions.
  • Social Genomics: Genomics is providing insight into how social interactions impact our health. Our genomic tests can provide insights into how SNPs impact an individual’s response to trauma, isolation, and stress, but understanding how to apply this concept on a larger scale is still in its infancy.

Take advantage of our comprehensive genomic testing. Our genomic panels are available to clinicians only, and are the most effective way to personalize interventions in your patient’s diet, lifestyle, and medications—with precision. 

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