Personalizing Nutrient Requirements



Personalizing Nutrient Requirements and Resolving Nutritional Paradoxes Using Genomic Medicine

This online course is 10 hours.


In this course you’ll gain an in-depth look of the biochemistry of the micronutrients we need for health. You’ll learn the genes than run these biochemical pathways, the impact of gene SNPs, and how to create personalized solutions.


Course Details:

Part 1: Introduction & Omega Fatty Acids

Part 2: CoQ10

Part 3: Carotenoids and Vitamin

4: Vitamin E

Part 5: Vitamin C

Part 6: Selenium

Part 7: Antioxidants

Part 8: Calcium and Vitamin D

Part 9: B Complex Vitamins


Study Guide and slides not included.


All materials provided in this course are protected by copyright, and use of materials for commercial purposes, removal of copyright statements, sharing by copying, electronic transmission, or by any other means without written consent is strictly prohibited. You may use appropriate materials for clinical use with clients and patients.

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