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Case Studies

Genomics and Vegan Diet: Case Study

Genomics and Vegan Diet: Case Study Sarah was excited to be starting her next adventure -living and working on a tropical island. What could be better than to be surrounded by beautiful beaches and soaking up the sun!A few months before her move, she had decided to shift from being a vegetarian to going completely

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Genomics and Breast Cancer: Case Study

Genomics and Breast Cancer: Case Study Meet Alicia. She’s 67, vibrantly healthy, and loving life. But 12 years ago she lived in constant fear. That’s when her mother died from estrogen receptor positive (ER+) breast cancer. Alicia was told it was not the hereditary kind, so not to worry and there was nothing she could

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Genomics and Heart Disease: Case Study

Genomics and Heart Disease: Case Study The power of genomic medicine lies in our ability to connect data from a person’s genomic test, laboratory results, and lifestyle to then recommend disease prevention or treatment strategies that are efficacious and truly personalized. The case report below exemplifies the power and precision of Genomic Medicine. Meet James

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Your Genes Are Not Your Destiny

Your Genes Are Not Your Destiny In this podcast, Dr. Kline discusses how genes play a role in your health, and why the one-size-fits-all approach is not the way to go. You’ll learn why knowing your genomic profile is such a powerful tool in creating a diet and lifestyle that support your health and longevity.

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The Power of Nutrigenomics

The Power of Nutrigenomics In this Ignite Talk, Dr. Kline shares the power of nutrigenomics with attendees at the Healthcare Revolution conference, and how it brings real world results and lasting benefits to people and the companies they work for.   Learn more about using genomics in your practice in our Genomic Medicine Certification Program.

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Integrating Genomics into Functional Medicine

Integrating Genomics Into Functional Medicine In this podcast Dr. Joe Veltmann discusses a new way to approach genomics with Dr. Ruscio on Ruscio Radio. He shares how Genoma International’s advanced approach goes far beyond the limited utility of “entertainment” genomics. Clinical genomics can help functional medicine practitioners hone their approach to make it truly personalized

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Articles About Genomics

Using a Polygenic Genomics Approach to Modify Genetic Disease Risk

Using Genomics to Modify Genetic Diseases Is it possible to modify someone’s disease risk or impact from a genetic mutation or other highly penetrant gene variant? This is a question we hear often from both clinicians and our own patients. When you understand the biochemistry of our bodies – including the enzymes, cofactors and cell

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Genomic Medicine and COVID-19

Genomic Medicine and COVID-19 The Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, or COVID-19 for short, is here to stay for a while. And the devastating impact is only just starting. According to the CDC, 2,213,005 people have been infected, and 119,204 people have died so far making the U.S. the largest “hotspot” in the world. Why COVID-19 Mortality Will

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What Is the Purpose of Nutrigenomics?

The state of American health, and healthcare, is dismaying, and the modern physician is acutely aware of how lifestyle can make or break health at nearly any age. Some people need a bit of help to get on the path of good health, and nutrigenomics can be that key boost. What Is the Purpose of

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