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Pharmacogenomics Adverse drug reactions, over prescribing, under prescribing, and trial-and-error attempts to identify appropriate medications puts patients at risk and wastes billions of dollars every year. Half of the U.S. adult population uses at least one medication on a regular basis, and 15% are using five or more. Adverse drug events among adults are estimated by

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Talking With Your Genes: The Food-Gene Conversation

Talking With Your Genes: The Food-Gene Conversation Here is a little-known fact: the food we consume at each meal “talks” with our genes. Yes, as improbable as it seems—a vibrant “conversation” occurs every time you eat or drink. While it has been known for centuries that food can be healing medicine, it was not until

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Beginner’s Guide To Genomic Medicine

Beginner’s Guide to Genomic Medicine Genomics studies the interactions of the environment and our DNA. With 20,000–25,000 genes that contain over 3 billion base pairs of DNA, our genome provides the blueprint for everything that happens in our bodies. Genomic Tests Genomic testing starts with collecting a small DNA sample with a simple cheek swab. At

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Genomic Testing for Health

Genomic Testing for Health Listen in!  Dr. Bobbi Kline joins Sarajean Rudman on the East West Functional Medicine podcast to talk about genomics – what it is and what it isn’t, how genomics differs from genetics, the power of learning about your genome, and how our Genomic Medicine Certification Program is training clinicians to lead

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The Truth Behind Cholesterol and Heart Disease

The Truth Behind Cholesterol and Heart Disease In this second interview with Ric Bratton of This Week In America, Dr. Kline continues the conversation about genomics and health. In this episode, she delves into the myths behind cholesterol and heart disease. She shares the story of a patient who benefited from using genomic testing to

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How Genomics Can Transform Your Health

How Genomics Can Transform Your Health Join Dr. Kline as she chats with Ric Bratton on This Week In America about the science of genomics, and how it is being used to create a more personalized approach to preventing and treating many of the chronic diseases we see today. She’ll share her journey of how

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Case Studies

Genomics and Anxiety: Case Study

Genomics and Anxiety: Case Study Jessica felt helpless, hopeless and alone. She had just turned 18, realizing her dream of living in the big city, yet something was getting in the way. She struggled with worsening anxiety, felt exhausted, was not eating well, and couldn’t focus in school. She felt her dream slipping away, and

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