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Genomics and Personalized Medicine

Genomics and Personalized Medicine Dr. Eric Grasser of KSFR public radio’s East West Medicine discusses personalized medicine and genomic testing with Dr. Veltmann and Dr. Kline.Learn more about using genomics in your practice in our Genomic Medicine Certification Program.Genomic testing is available only to clinicians with a Professional Membership. Apply for one here.Looking for a

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Articles About Genomics

Genomics and Personalized Wellness: Setting the Record Straight

Setting the Record Straight Are you a corporate executive, medical or HR director who is considering or interested in providing genomic testing to your employees? Do you have concerns, are confused or need clarity about which DNA-based testing will provide your company and employees the most value? We can help. Having pioneered genomic testing in

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Pharmacogenomics Adverse drug reactions, over prescribing, under prescribing, and trial-and-error attempts to identify appropriate medications puts patients at risk and wastes billions of dollars every year. Half of the U.S. adult population uses at least one medication on a regular basis, and 15% are using five or more. Adverse drug events among adults are estimated by

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Talking With Your Genes: The Food-Gene Conversation

Talking With Your Genes: The Food-Gene Conversation Here is a little-known fact: the food we consume at each meal “talks” with our genes. Yes, as improbable as it seems—a vibrant “conversation” occurs every time you eat or drink. While it has been known for centuries that food can be healing medicine, it was not until

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