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Go Beyond Certification

Congratulations! You have gone through the Genomic Medicine Certification and are now a Genomic Medicine expert.

But there is so much more to learn, and a Mastermind membership will help you feel supported as you continue your journey in this exciting endeavor.

You’ll continue your access to all your discounted pricing, the CHQ, and other benefits. You’ll also enjoy staying connected to your Genomic Medicine clinician community. PLUS you gain access to additional resources to help you bring Genomic Medicine more effectively and efficiently.

Your Membership Benefits Include:

Monthly live Mastermind sessions plus access to all archived webinars

Monthly live Group Coaching sessions plus access to all archived webinars

Access to the current Genomic Medicine Certification Program materials

Comprehensive genomic testing at discounted member prices

One-on-one support at discounted member prices

Use of the GENESIS Matrix®  CHQ

Use of the GENESIS Matrix® Personalized Action Plan

Community Forum

20% discount on supplements, plus affiliate earning options

Genomic Medicine Mastermind Program

Go beyond the topics covered in the Certification program to advance your knowledge and practice of Genomic Medicine with these monthly live sessions.

You’ll get updates in current topics in Genomic Medicine, and content is guided by your input as to what you want to learn. You also get feedback and coaching for complex patient cases and practice challenges.

You also get access to all the archives! Previous Genomic Medicine topics covered include exercise, TMAO, biopterin, COVID-19, CBD, glucose metabolism, Alzheimer’s disease, and more.

Genomic Medicine Certification Program

It’s the program that keeps on giving!

The Certification Program covered lots of material, and chances are you learned more than you thought possible. But we also know that we can each absorb only so much information at a time, and that the knowledge gets reinforced (or remembered!) when you actually use it with a patient.

You get access to the current program materials – including the recordings and live Monthly Group Coaching sessions. This way you can go back again and again to build on your knowledge – and refresh your memory – whenever you wish. 

Comprehensive Clinical Genomic Testing

Our robust nutritional genomic and pharmacogenomic tests go beyond just the gene SNPs. As a Genomic Medicine Mastermind Member, you get continued access to these tests at significant member discounts.

Ultimate Wellness Genomic Test

Evaluating 150 SNPs organized into more than 17 health and biological systems help you get to the answers quickly. You get comprehensive, gender- and ethnic-specific interpretations, plus action steps: diet, lifestyle, exercise, nutritional supplements plus suggested biomarkers.

Pharmacogenomic Test

Evaluating 40 genes involved in the processing of over 240 medications helps you refine and personalize medication choices for each patient.

Group Coaching Intensive

One of the biggest challenges is putting it all together, synthesizing and organizing all the data in a way that makes sense for you and your patients. While you have access to lots of support in the Group Coaching sessions and one-one-one consults, nothing can beat the accelerated learning you get with working with us for a whole day in-person.

Introducing our one-day Group Coaching Intensive!

Offered twice a year (spring and fall) in beautiful Santa Fe, our intensives are available only to clinicians who have completed the Training Program. As a Mastermind member, you get a discounted price to attend.

This one-day intensive provides small-group practice with personalized feedback as you go through CHQs and genomic test results to greatly accelerate both your ability to interpret them and your ability to understand the priorities and action plans.

*Travel, lodging and meals not included.


It’s easy to get information overload with you start looking at all the factors that can impact your patients’ well-being. And adding genomics data to the mix can sometimes lead to focusing solely on the genes, while forgetting the person.

The GENESIS Matrix® is our solution – and has been proven to both improve health outcomes and reduce healthcare expenses.

You get continued access to our online Comprehensive Health Questionnaire – the powerful tool that is the essence of the GENESIS Matrix®, and can be personalized to your practice.

GENESIS Matrix® Personalized Action Plan

Organizing your personalized recommendations can be a challenge. 

Our GENESIS Matrix® Personalized Action Plan gives you a template that you can completely customize for use with your patients. It provides educational information about genomics and the GENESIS Matrix®, with a structured template that helps you organize the genomic results and integrate the CHQ, labs or other information and then provide specific action steps for your patient.

We provide it to you in PowerPoint format, so you can edit, add or remove information as you see fit. and then save as a pdf and share with your patient for a truly customized plan that looks great and really helps your patient understand their results and follow your recommendations.

Nutrigenomic Supplements

Save on your own supplements, and generate revenue on supplements your patients purchase.

You continue to get a 20% discount on any supplements you purchase through your account, and can sell to your patients at your cost or retail.

But that can be a hassle to stock inventory, or order for your patients.  With an affiliate account, you can earn while you serve your patients without any effort on your part.

Earn 20% commission on all supplements purchased by your patients – or share the savings.

PLUS Clinical and Practice Support!

These benefits alone will help you advance your practice with genomics. But we know from experience that to truly gain confidence in applying your new expertise, you have to practice

You’ve already been using Genomic Medicine in your practice, and you’ll get continued support as you encounter challenges with either your practice as a business, your own professional growth, or a particularly complex patient. In addition to the monthly Mastermind sessions, we also include access to:

     – one-on-one support at discounted member pricing

     – in-person Group Coaching Intensive at discounted member pricing

PLUS you get continued access to the Clinician Community Forum, and the Monthly Group Coaching

Only $325/month gives you access to all these benefits.

Your monthly subscription can be cancelled at any time.


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