Genomic Medicine Certification Course

Our innovative and comprehensive 3-Pillar System gives you everything you need to get up and running quickly. You’ll feel confident as you expand your current genomics practice or begin implementing Genomic Medicine into your practice for the first time.

This is a great way to create a fully virtual, cash-based practice with low overhead and lots of flexibility to practice the way you want: enjoying meaningful relationships and providing top-quality care .

This 65-hour self-paced online course gives you:

  >>The Science: This is the foundation, incorporating systems biology with genomics – including cell biology, cell signaling and biochemistry.

  >>The Clinical Application: You’ll learn how to apply the science to your patients using a proven holistic model, with lots of case studies and coaching to help you work effectively with your patients.

  >>The Business: Tools and strategies for creating a practice that is aligned with you, and how to package, present and sell your Genomic Medicine services in a way that is authentic and profitable.

“This course should be mandatory for anyone pursuing personalized medicine: Genomics demystified. It looks at the impact of genomics on our biochemical soup–the molecular basis of human physiology. With well-considered scientific evidence and a digestible review of biochemistry, Joe Veltmann and Bobbi Kline carefully provide information aimed to generate practical, client-specific lifestyle and nutritional prescriptions that up- or down-regulate genes and molecular pathways to promote wellness. What an awesome course!! Highly recommended!”

Mary Jo Fishburn MD


Immediate access to 65 hours of pre-recorded videos over 7 Modules, including complete study guides with slides, references and resources

1. Introduction to Genomic Medicine

Learn the basics of the science, history and technology of genomics and other “omics” technologies  – including epigenetics. Case studies are included. 5 lessons

2. Individualizing Nutrition with Genomic Medicine

Learn the biochemistry of nutrition, focusing on micronutrients, and the role of genes and impact of SNPs. Understand nutrigenomic and nutrigenetic strategies for key micronutrients including Vitamins A, B6, B12, C, D, E; calcium, folate, omega fatty acids, selenium. Case studies are included. 9 lessons

3. The GENESIS Matrix® Clinical Model

Learn how to use the GENESIS Matrix® to help you combine and then prioritize all of your data. Includes microbiome, cardiovascular disease, stress response, pharmacogenomics, and more. Case studies are included. 6 lessons

4. Individualizing Approaches to Oxidative Stress using Genomic Medicine

Learn the role of cell biology and cell signaling, biochemistry of oxidation-reduction, impact of genes and gene SNPs, and nutrigenomic interventions. Case studies included. 3 lessons

5. Personalizing Approaches to Inflammation using Genomic Medicine

Learn role of cell biology and cell signaling, biology of immune system and inflammatory response, role of genes and gene SNPs, nutrigenomic interventions. Case studies included. 5 lessons

6. Building Your Practice with Genomic Medicine

Learn strategies and tools for creating your successful Genomic Medicine practice, along with business, branding and marketing. 3 lessons

7. Optimizing Biotransformation Strategies using Genomic Medicine

Learn biochemistry, cell biology of all 4 phases of biotransformation/detoxification, impact of genes and gene SNPs, and nutrigenomic interventions. Case studies included. 4 lessons

While in this 6-month program you also get:

  • 5 additional webinars: Genomics Basics, Pharmacogenomics Basics, Introduction to Nutrigenomics, Biochemistry: The Bridge Between Nutrition and Biotransformation in the Era of Genomic Medicine
  • Discounted pricing on genomic testing (up to 30% off professional pricing)
  • Access to use the GENESIS Matrix® CHQ
  • Access to connect with your colleagues in the Community Forum
  • Option to get live support with Monthly Group Coaching ($100/month)

You get access to all of this for only $225/month

for 6 months

"Understanding the clinical relevance, the back-end biochemistry and the thorough explanation of each section was definitely a huge takeaway. Learning the information in a way that allowed us to apply it in "real" life was invaluable."

Meryl Brandwein RDN CGMC

"A professional, complex, very well structured and presented functional genomic course. I consider it mandatory for an updated clinical genomic practice."

Cristina Skrypnyk MD PhD Medical Geneticist CGMC

"I have been studying through IFM for years now and appreciate the multidimensional polygenic model that looks at multiple biological systems, looks for patterns and root causes. Loved how you linked the inflammatory, oxidative stress, detox pathways at root levels."

Donna Rasplica M.Sc., R.Ac., Dr.TCM (B.C.)

Now, more than ever, Genomic Medicine provides the answers you and your patients are seeking.

"My client had been trying to lose weight - unsuccessfully - for over two years. I was frustrated that I wasn't helping him succeed in his goals, despite my functional nutrition knowledge. Once we had his Ultimate Wellness report, a light bulb went off for both of us. I was able to use what I learned in the Certification program to create a program that addressed underlying issues I had missed, and he was able to understand the Why. Within 2 months he easily lost the weight - and has kept it off."

Paulette Weber RDN CGMC

“You provided me with an entirely new perspective about the power of dietary change and lifestyle as well as the tools needed to provide truly individualized care to my patients! The course is definitely a good value. I thoroughly enjoyed it – exceptionally well done!!”

Natalie Lussier RDN CGMC

This is a 6-month program. You have access to all materials and benefits for 6 months. 

Enroll now to get instant access to the most comprehensive Genomic Medicine Certification course along with everything you need to make a difference.

  • offer Genomic Medicine with confidence to your patients
  • get the answers you need more efficiently
  • provide personalized solutions for your patients
  • create a thriving Genomic Medicine practice

"I wanted to thank you and Joe for an amazing program. I spend most of my clinical time seeing patients with chronic disease, symptoms and impairments secondary to degenerative and inflammatory conditions……. the underpinnings of my patients conditions fits so well with upstream metabolic/oxidative/inflammatory pathways related to your teachings. I'm excited to start implementing genomics into my functional medicine approach, and am enthusiastically recommending you to my colleagues."

Daniel Leblond MD

"This is a fantastic course! Difficult biochemical pathways are explained in an easy to follow way. You learn how to integrate the knowledge you learn into your clinical practice, to improve the outcomes for patients. It is a great investment to any clinician wanting to bring their practice to the next level!"

Fiona McKiernan RD CGMC

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