The state of American health, and healthcare, is dismaying, and the modern physician is acutely aware of how lifestyle can make or break health at nearly any age. Some people need a bit of help to get on the path of good health, and nutrigenomics can be that key boost.

What Is the Purpose of Nutrigenomics?


To Boost Health Naturally


Our diets have a profound effect on the body, influencing everything from everyday strength, energy, and performance to the way the immune system functions. Nutrigenomics isn’t meant as a replacement for medications, a healthy diet, or key medical interventions. It is meant to give a healthy diet and lifestyle a boost.

Each person is different, and the way we interact with food and how much good we derive from the nutrition we ingest is controlled in large part by our genes. In turn, the foods we eat and the lifestyle choices we make influence how our genes function. Nutrigenomics uses the power of these interactions to assess individual responses and susceptibilities, and offers a much more targeted way to utilize the healing power of food and nutritional supplements that work with the body, naturally.

Nutrigenomics is also a key player in the process we call epigenetics.

To Create a Positive Epigenetic Effect


Our DNA is written in stone, but our epigenetic code is flexible. Gene SNPs can form in response to evolutionary pressures, but this can take lifetimes.

Our epigenetic code is designed to help us respond more quickly to drastic environmental changes such as famine or drought. It plays a key role in which genes express and which do not – and at what times. Healthy gene expression keeps everything functioning well, and able to be responsive to life’s pressures.

When gene expression is unbalanced, we become more susceptible to disease and all the disorders of aging.

By supporting the epigenetic code, you can not only improve individual health but even the health of succeeding generations, whose epigenetic code is affected by that of their parents.

The contribution of nutrigenomics to epigenetics is often misunderstood. Genes are critical in making sure the key enzymes and their co-factors needed for epigenetic processes (including methylation) are functioning optimally. Nutrigenomics helps ensure each person’s biochemistry is working in the best way possible by supporting an individual’s genes and diet at the molecular level of gene expression. 

The Best in Nutrigenomic Supplementation


We know from decades of working with patients in Genomic Medicine that while food comes first, our modern day diets just can’t supply all the nutrients we need to be healthy. That’s where supplements can be a critical support. But just guessing at which supplements someone needs can end up with undesired results: too much of some things, not enough of others. And beyond wasting resources, they may actually create unwanted effects.

The best supplements are made with the best ingredients based on the best information for each individual. At Genomic Medicine Works, we offer pure, easily absorbed supplements with no allergens or artificial ingredients – and can even customize our formulas for clinicians based on individual DNA. Learn more about our nutrigenomic supplements.

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